Way To Success Windows Autopilot : What’s new and what’s next

Windows Autopilot:

With Windows 10, we are centered around conveying a less difficult, all the more effective and shrewd IT encounter by developing combination over Microsoft’s items, making a bound together Microsoft 365 arrangement. Windows Autopilot improves the arrangement of new Windows 10 gadgets in your association by taking out the requirement for IT to make, keep up and apply custom pictures, drastically decreasing the cost and many-sided quality required with custom imaging. You would now be able to convey new Windows 10 gadgets specifically to your clients without IT touching the gadget. With only a couple of straightforward snaps, your clients can get up and running. With Windows Autopilot, the experience of conveying new Windows 10 gadgets is straightforward for end clients and zero touch for IT—consistently incorporated crosswise over Windows 10, Microsoft Intune, and Azure AD.

This post diagrams the most recent improvements to Windows Autopilot in Windows 10, adaptation 1803, particularly:

  • Enlistment status
  • OEM and equipment seller inventory network incorporation
  • BitLocker mix
  • Programmed Windows Autopilot profile task
  • Gadget cancellation with Microsoft Intune

I’m additionally eager to share the Public Preview of two new and energizing abilities accessible to test through the Windows Insider Program and Windows Insider Program for Business:

  • Windows Autopilot Self-Deploying mode
  • Windows Autopilot Reset

Windows Autopilot: What’s new in Windows 10, rendition 1803

Enlistment status

We’ve gotten broad solicitations from clients for the capacity to keep clients from getting to the work area on a Windows 10 gadget until the point that that gadget has been provisioned with IT-indicated arrangements and designs. With Windows 10, variant 1803, we’ve tended to this criticism with an element called enlistment status, which demonstrates the status of a gadget’s arrangement in the Windows 10 Out of Box Experience (OOBE) and enables IT to hold the gadget in that state until the point that all strategies and design have been provisioned through MDM.

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Figure 1. The enlistment status page.

This component is presently accessible as a review with Microsoft Intune with Windows 10, adaptation 1803. To turn on the enlistment status page, go to the Enrollment Status Page (Preview) area under Device enlistment > Windows enlistment in Microsoft Intune. Select the coveted profile and snap Settings to design enlistment status page choices for that profile. These choices incorporate the capacity to:

  • Square the gadget in Windows 10 OOBE until all applications and profiles are introduced on the gadget.
  • Pick the activities that clients are permitted to perform if there should arise an occurrence of startling disappointments.
  • Determine to what extent the gadget should sit tight for enlistment status to finish before demonstrating a blunder.
  • Indicate a custom message if there should be an occurrence of blunders.

At present, the enlistment status page must be arranged for the “All Users” gathering, which would apply to all gadgets and clients in your association. We are chipping away at stretching out this ability to help extra gatherings in a future Microsoft Intune discharge.

Known issues

  • To exploit the enlistment status page, guarantee that you have pre-introduced Windows 10, form 1803 including the most recent updates.
  • Certain arrangements (e.g. Windows Defender Application Guard) may trigger a reboot while Windows 10 is on the enlistment status page. This may make the enlistment status be hindered and make Windows Autopilot fall flat. The gadget may incite for worked in OOBE account (default0) accreditations. This issue will be tended to in an up and coming refresh to Windows 10, rendition 1803, and we will refresh this blog entry around then with the points of interest.

OEM and equipment seller inventory network coordination with Windows Autopilot

We’ve empowered OEMs and equipment merchants to coordinate their store network and satisfaction frameworks with Windows Autopilot automatically. This empowers your equipment seller to consequently enlist gadgets into Windows Autopilot as a feature of your Windows 10 gadget arrange satisfaction. With this robotization, there is no activity required from IT to enroll recently bought Windows 10 gadgets into Windows Autopilot.

Lenovo and Surface have effectively robotized their production network into Windows Autopilot, and we’re currently working with Dell, HP and other OEM accomplices to convey this effortlessness in coming months.

BitLocker refreshes for Windows Autopilot

With Windows 10, rendition 1803, we’ve made it feasible for programmed BitLocker encryption to work with standard client accounts arranged utilizing Windows Autopilot. If it’s not too much trouble note, in any case, that programmed BitLocker encryption requires HSTI or InstantGo gadgets. For equipment that doesn’t bolster programmed BitLocker encryption, to turn on BitLocker with standard records utilizing Microsoft Intune, you may discover this blog entry supportive.

Programmed Windows Autopilot profile task

Today, every time you enroll another gadget with Windows Autopilot, you have to unequivocally allocate a Windows Autopilot profile to the gadget. In light of your criticism, we’ve coordinated Azure AD bunches with Windows Autopilot profile task through Microsoft Intune, empowering programmed task of a Windows Autopilot profile to Windows Autopilot enrolled gadgets. With this capacity, you never again need to physically choose Windows Autopilot enrolled gadgets and allocate them a profile on a continuous premise. You can utilize this same Azure AD assemble for task of other Intune arrangements like applications and designs, empowering complete mechanization for IT.

To empower the programmed task of a similar profile to all Windows Autopilot enlisted gadgets, we label each enrolled gadget with a tag called “ZTDID.” That implies you should simply make an Azure AD bunch with a dynamic participation administer searching for the ZTDID and dole out a Windows Autopilot profile to that gathering.

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Figure 2. Making a dynamic enrollment decide that searches for the ZTDID tag.

With this ability, all Windows Autopilot enrolled gadgets, paying little heed to when they were enlisted (previously or later on), will consequently be doled out the Windows Autopilot profile you indicated. It would be ideal if you note: dynamic Azure AD bunch tenets can take a couple of hours to process so it make take a short time for your Windows Autopilot profile assignments to appear. Then again, you can synchronize on request from the Windows Autopilot gadgets edge in Microsoft Intune. For more data on the most proficient method to make Azure AD powerful gatherings for Windows Autopilot, see Create an Autopilot gadget gathering.

In a future discharge, we’ll make it feasible for you to indicate a custom label when you arrange gadgets from your OEM or equipment merchant to empower the formation of dynamic principles for Windows Autopilot profile task in view of the labels you determine.

Windows Autopilot gadget cancellation with Microsoft Intune

In light of your criticism, we’ve now made it conceivable to erase gadgets from Windows Autopilot utilizing Microsoft Intune. On the off chance that the gadgets are enlisted in Intune, you should first erase them from the Azure AD entrance. At that point, in the Windows Autopilot gadgets cutting edge, just select the gadgets you need to erase and pick Delete. We’re chipping away at rearranging this experience assist in a future Microsoft Intune discharge.

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Figure 3. Erasing a gadget from Windows Autopilot utilizing Microsoft Intune.

Windows Autopilot: What’s new in the Windows Insider Program

We’re taking zero touch to a totally new level with the most recent Windows Autopilot advancements:

  • Broadening the zero-contact Windows 10 sending knowledge with Self-Deploying mode.
  • Broadening the zero-contact understanding for resetting and redeploying Windows 10 gadgets with Windows Autopilot Reset.

These new abilities will reform how Windows 10 gadgets are conveyed and reset—and are accessible to test now with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672 (and later) and the Microsoft Intune review.

Windows Autopilot Self-Deploying mode (review)

We need the experience of sending another Windows 10 gadget to be zero touch, for IT, as well as for the client. With another Windows Autopilot capacity called Self-Deploying mode, another Windows 10 gadget can be completely business-prepared by essentially fueling on the gadget. The client should simply connect to the gadget to a system, control it on, and watch Windows Autopilot do its enchantment. With Self-Deploying mode, a typical off-the-rack Windows 10 PC changes into a keen gadget that knows how to convey itself. Windows 10 will join your association’s Azure AD inhabitant, select the gadget into Microsoft Intune (utilizing programmed MDM enlistment), and guarantee that all approaches, applications, authentications, and systems administration profiles are provisioned on the gadget (utilizing the enlistment status page).

Windows Autopilot’s Self-Deploying mode additionally empowers you to easily send Windows 10 as a booth, computerized signage gadget, or shared efficiency gadget. For instance, on the off chance that you use the new Kiosk Browser—an application that use Microsoft Edge to make a custom-made and oversaw perusing knowledge—and Microsoft Intune strategies to make a neighborhood programmed logon account, you can change an off-the-rack Windows 10 gadget into a program kiosk– all that it would take is control on the gadget and leave. Windows Autopilot’s Self-Deploying mode will naturally get the gadget joined to Azure AD, select into Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Intune will design the gadget, convey the application, arrangement and approaches, make an autologon account and change the gadget into a secured program stand. No compelling reason to contact the gadget after power on, its as straightforward as that. For more data, see Simplifying booth administration for IT with Window

With the presentation of Self-Deploying mode, we’ve made it feasible for you to indicate dialect, district, and console settings for the Windows Autopilot profile. In the event that a gadget has organize network (through an ethernet link) when it is fueled on, Windows Autopilot will naturally arrange these settings without requiring any activity from the end client.

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Figure 4. Designing OOBE dialect and console settings

You can utilize Self-Deploying mode with a Wi-Fi arrange; be that as it may, the client should explore through the Windows 10 OOBE until the point when they achieve the Wi-Fi association venture, and soon thereafter Self-Deploying mode will kick in. Since Self-Deploying mode doesn’t require a client to enter their association accreditations, it is vital that you physically secure ownership of your gadgets previously doling out a Windows Autopilot profile, and Self-Deploying mode, to the gadget.

Windows Autopilot Self-Deploying mode is accessible with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672 and later. While arranging a Windows Autopilot profile in Microsoft Intune, you’ll see another drop-down menu that requests the arrangement mode. In that menu, select Self-Deploying (see) and apply that profile to the gadgets you’d get a kick out of the chance to approve.

Known issues

In the present Windows 10 Insider Preview fabricate, Self-Deploying mode requires the client to interface and tap on two pages in the Windows 10 OOBE:

  • The client must choose the “Following” catch on an “Appreciated” page. (This page will naturally advance in a future Windows 10 Insider Preview manufacture.)
  • All Windows Autopilot situations (counting Self-Deploying mode) require the client to cooperate with the Activities page in the OOBE. (This page will be skipped in all Windows Autopilot situations in a future Windows 10 Insider Preview construct.)

Remote Windows Autopilot Reset (see)

Resetting and repurposing Windows 10 gadgets is a typical event for a considerable lot of our clients. For instance, scholarly organizations regularly need to reset gadgets toward the finish of the scholastic year and redeploy those gadgets for the following gathering of understudies. With Windows Autopilot Reset, everything necessary to reset and convey a gadget into a completely business-prepared state is snap of a solitary catch in Microsoft Intune.

You may review that we presented a comparable capacity with Windows 10, rendition 1709 called Windows Automatic Redeployment. Windows Automatic Redeployment required a console easy route and administrator accreditations to trigger a reset and redeploy a gadget. This situation is as yet accessible, however with the expansion of the capacity to trigger the reset remotely by means of Microsoft Intune, we are renaming this component Windows Autopilot Reset.

As said above, Windows Autopilot Reset is accessible with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672 and later. Windows Autopilot Reset expels individual documents, applications, and settings, resetting Windows 10 while as yet keeping up Azure AD Join and Microsoft Intune enlistment. Enlistment status must be arranged for a gadget to trigger Windows Autopilot Reset as this enables you to guarantee that a gadget returns into a completely business-prepared state, refreshed with the most recent strategies, settings, and applications from Microsoft Intune.

Once either a nearby or remote Windows Autopilot Reset is finished, the gadget will naturally:

  • Hold the district, dialect, and console settings as designed preceding the reset.
  • Associate with Wi-Fi utilizing the system accreditations provisioned to the gadget before the reset.
  • Apply another provisioning bundle (if a provisioning bundle is embedded by means of USB when Windows Autopilot Reset is activated), or reapply the first provisioning bundle stored locally on the gadget.
  • Hold Azure AD Join and Microsoft Intune enlistment.
  • Come back to a known, decent, oversaw and synchronized state.

Regardless of whether a gadget is being exchanged starting with one client then onto the next, or you’re endeavoring to settle a failing gadget (e.g. computerized signage), Windows Autopilot Reset empowers you to reset and naturally redeploy Windows 10 without physically getting to a gadget. This influences the IT to understanding to reset and redeploy a huge number of gadgets inconsequentially basic; it just takes the snap of a catch in Microsoft Intune.

To trigger a remote Windows Autopilot Reset, take after these means:

  1. Explore to Devices tab in the Microsoft Intune comfort.
  2. In the All gadgets see, select the objective gadgets and after that snap More to see gadget activities.
  3. Select Autopilot Reset to commence the reset errand.

Known issue

In the present Windows 10 Insider Preview construct, on the off chance that you set up a booth gadget with an auto-logon nearby record and issue a Windows Autopilot Reset to that gadget, in the wake of completing Windows Autopilot Reset, Windows 10 will provoke you to enter the secret key for the neighborhood auto-logon account. You can leave the secret key clear and select enter to logon physically. This issue will be tended to in a future Windows 10 Insider Preview manufacture with the goal that it won’t instant for logon if an auto-logon neighborhood account is arranged.

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