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Percentages of Integer Values

For example, the sheet underneath indicates numbers prior and then afterward. The subsequent rate esteems most likely aren’t what you need. Allan.pettie and Joan.edington both gave comparative answers. Joan’s is the most concise(Percentages of Integer Values).


The fastest arrangement is to utilize Excel’s Paste Special component to partition the whole numbers by 100, as takes after:

  1. Enter the esteem 100 out of an adjacent cell.
  2. Select that cell and press [Ctrl]+C to duplicate it to the Clipboard.
  3. Select the cells that contain the whole numbers you need to arrange as rates. For this situation, that is A1:A14.
  4. From the Paste dropdown in the Clipboard gathering (on the Home tab), pick Paste Special. In Word 2003, pick Paste Special from the Edit menu.
  5. Snap Divide in the Operation area of the subsequent discourse box.
  6. Snap OK.

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With the cells still chosen, tap the Percent Style choice in the Number gathering on the Home tab to arrange the rates. In Word 2003, click Percent Style on the Formatting toolbar. This time, the organized outcomes reflect percent esteems that bode well.

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Allan’s recommendation of organizing replicated values has justify, on the off chance that you have to hold the first qualities. For more Paste Special traps, read 10 intense approaches to utilize Excel’s glue highlights.

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